Thursday, 16 May 2013

Octogirl developments

well after many meetings with my tutor about design of my octopus character i decided that i had spent too much time last semester exploring new ideas for it. due to this i ended up changing tact for hand in and changed my specialisms that i got marked for to concept art and then spent time developing my concepts in to two finalised designs which would be sculpted to be used for a displacement map for later animation. i have done some observations of the curled octopus, a native to british waters, of which i based the octopus parts of my design from. curled octopus,
like many other cephalopods, the curled octopus has pigmented cells in their skin which as a defence mechanism can be used to change their colour for camouflage. they also have the ability to change their texture of their skin too.
 here's some sketches i did to become more familiar with their texture and form.

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