Monday, 3 June 2013

Rough Ana /skeletal style model WIP

A friend was wanting a reference for a realistically proportioned person with some detail to work from for a sculpture they're carving out of wood. they only have one shot at it so asked me to model this to get a rough idea. been using some anatomical and anorexic picture reference. The person isn't meant to be anorexic per say just somewhere between showing the skeleton through the skin and having some more healthier looking body parts. as this is a quick reference for him, i haven't gone into much detail in the hands, genitals, ears and feet as  they will not be carved in too great detail anyway. whole thing must have taken about 5-6 or so hours working with my friend to get exactly what he needed. Sculpted in Mudbox from generic human figure model start off point.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Final octopus girl designs

i just realised this is the version of the girl looking one but i forgot to put the tentacles on. keep posted for more tentacles!

Octogirl developmental pieces

I had two mood boards to keep my ideas together. One had octopi and other cephalopods along side various dreadlock styles as reference that I gathered from around the internet. The octopi you see here are mostly Eledone Cirrhosa or curled octopus as they are more commonly known. The curled octopus has been a big influence in my designs, from concept to texture and modelling design.

The second mood board is made up of pictures of designs and characters from other films, games and artwork which I found to be either influential in my design ideas or just had similar themes which inspired my motivation for the project.

 i had several design ideas after the first initial concepts. i had a change of heart due to some time constraints and unexpected circumstances at home. for my university hand in i decided to further the concept development until i was happy with the design rather than go ahead making something that i wasn't completely happy with. i wanted to keep the idea of having tentacles in a hair band for future animation. i came up with these designs.

After talks with my tutor about the functionality of the various designs, I decided I wanted to make two designs, both having scope for various animation styles. I decided on a more octopus oriented design and a design which had more humanoid features but still had an octopus quality to it.

I re designed the octopus design further until I decided on something even more extreme. 

Here are some emotion boards with the characters.

I made some texture patches, experimenting with colour and technique, for what I would like the colour of the 3d models to be.

I began to model the final concept ideas in the program, Mudbox. here are some tentacles I modelled for both the characters which could be added to both models. I will remodel the characters for animation later as for my hand in at university, this was just a concept project. This being said, I also wish to realise it to its full potential over summer. And hopefully get to grips more with Brush which seems to be a much more powerful tool for sculpture. After I have remodelled the designs I will then paint and texture them.

Screencap of works in procress

A quick screen capture of me working sped up from concept to sculpt, the processes. unfortunately it doesn't show all the bits as well as the end product but you get the idea.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

happy adventures decorating tin roof

a few weeks ago i helped decorate the walls of Tin Roof studios, of which i share a studio space there. this was the first time i have used spray paints to create pictures. was lots of fun :)

 later i got to try out my boyfriend's new airbrush which was tricky to use at first but i got used to it quickly. i hope to use it more as its lots of fun, maybe i could hope to aim for Giger standard paintings one day, a pipe dream maybe but something i'd happily pursue ^_^.

Octogirl developments

well after many meetings with my tutor about design of my octopus character i decided that i had spent too much time last semester exploring new ideas for it. due to this i ended up changing tact for hand in and changed my specialisms that i got marked for to concept art and then spent time developing my concepts in to two finalised designs which would be sculpted to be used for a displacement map for later animation. i have done some observations of the curled octopus, a native to british waters, of which i based the octopus parts of my design from. curled octopus,
like many other cephalopods, the curled octopus has pigmented cells in their skin which as a defence mechanism can be used to change their colour for camouflage. they also have the ability to change their texture of their skin too.
 here's some sketches i did to become more familiar with their texture and form.