Saturday, 9 March 2013

Monster Texture Props

Hey been a while since i posted things up. a lt of things have changed since i last posted things. working on different final year films. Had to stop my octopus girl personal project as well as working on Dancing Nina for various reasons and have started working on a movie called "Wee monsters". Here's some of the props i textured for the kids room: 

tried to make the small balls look like the 20p bouncy balls you get out of machines at corner shops . i always liked getting the marbled looking ones. i would pretend they are little planets. The larger is a plastic inflatable ball with the logo from a popular tv show in the kids world. Something i always see kids have are balls with cartoon branding or characters on. A popular Cartoon show that our tutor's young son watches is Ben 10. Seeming as i can't use the logo or branding i substituted it with something similar but different so people may see the connection as a popular television show. Children seem quite influenced by television shows, their environment and the people and things they have connections with. I gave the larger ball an almost lava like texture print that would be reflected in the texture design of the Boy's monster character. 

Here is a teddy i modled and textured. I am still a bit unsure about the bump map for this but i wanted it to seem more soft with shorter fleecier fur than long haired fluffiness. i got inspiration from an old teddy i had as a child which also had a similar texture.

I quite like the way the bed turned out. The posts have a more Ikea style veneered wood feel to them than real wood. Thedirectore said that they should have a wooden feel to them but due to some difficulties i encountered with the uv mapping i ended up using a uniform wood texture in photoshop  instead of manually texturing the bedposts them selves which would have taken a lot more time in which i could do other things. all in all it  ended in an agreeable realistic effect. the bed covers are my favourite textured bit. I used photos of my own bed sheets to create a realistic textured feel to the sheets.

Hotwheels inspired toy racing cars.

Matching "Ikea-style" drawers.

 Toybox texture inspired by the plastic Fisher-Price Red and Yellow toy buggy car things that i remember toddling about, Flinstone style. It always held a place in my mind for the plasticy rough but smooth almost rock like, nobbly texture that didn't seem to fit anywhere else other than fisher-price toys, plastic wendy houses and small outdoor jungle gyms. So i thought it would be appropriate, bearing in mind the kids' ages, to make the textures for toy box in this vain(and use of primary colouring).Charlie. :)