Wednesday, 3 October 2012

More Octo girl lip-sync project concept designs and audio

hey there,
After an amazing peer review at uni, i managed to get some feed back on my concept designs and ideas, poking me into a more concrete direction. So yay thanks to everyone and their help! :)

Heres some more concept designs i came up with for the peer review after having a talk with my supervisor. I showed them to my class who seemed to like my idea of having tentacles instead of hair and also liked one in particular, which is number 12 in the pictures. I think i have to agree with the general consensus as its both alien and octopussy but with enough human and character for it to go with the audio.

Also it was suggested that i research more into more aquatic themed designs and cephalopods, in particular, octopuses. So now with that feed back, i can get on with final character design which i will post later.

I've posted the final decided audio for the project. this clip seems to have more scope for acting the character, has more of a variety of vocabulary than my first clip and is also a bit on the quirky side. Here's my audio! :)

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